Couples identified as having fertility problems can begin assessment of potential causes and discuss options for treatment here at AWHG. We offer female hormone testing ( blood work) to assess ovulation and ovarian reserve. We perform ultrasound studies on our female patients to determine if she is producing follicles during her fertile period. We order semen analysis on male partners if we believe there may be a male component to the infertility. We order the HSG/hysterosalpingograms, the "dye" test to assess if her fallopian tubes area patent at Women's & Children's Hospital.

Treatment options include ovarian stimulation with the drug Clomid or Femara to enhance ovulation, and Intrauterine insemination (IUI), an in office procedure we offer to patients who meet selective criteria based on clinical history and testing as described above.

Referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility specialist is always an option for couples early on in the testing process, or after we have exhausted our attempts in helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy here at AWHG.